Cool! You've found my website! You must have been really looking for it, because I keep it hidden.
This is just where I keep photos and stuff I like. I've had this domain a long time, and intend on keeping it,
so I parked it here on a friends server (Thank you John LeVan!) and just use it for whatever...
Not many people have their own website anymore. Most people have a Facebook page for posting all their
photos and whatnot. I have one of those too right here.

Background music by yours truly, using ACID Pro. Song name: Techno1 (Pretty original, huh?)

The C6 Corvette Z06!

My musical creations...

Firearms and whatnot...

The Trans Am!

The SRT-10 Viper Truck!

My Creeper costume (2010)

Tanner's Graduation!

Old PCExtreme FragFest2003 Pics

Old [DuB] Clan Stats (2001)

Phantom Lake Camp

I am a proud member and Public Speaker for: